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Light Tape® enhances Liverpool´s tallest building

Light Tape® has been used to great effect on the Beetham West Tower in Liverpool (designed by Aedas AHR Architects and developed by the Beetham Organisation) adding an elegant edge to the magnificent building. Standing 134 meters in height the Beetham Tower is almost 50% taller than its 90 meter tall neighbour. Ideally located for both business and pleasure near the world famous waterfront, this 40 story apartment/office tower block is Liverpool´s tallest building so providing the perfect location and opportunity to show the effectiveness of Light Tape® to its best advantage.

Light Tape® is becoming increasingly popular as the contemporary alternative to the more traditional "enhancing and decorative" lighting solutions already used in architecturally based projects. It offers not only a clean ultra modern option to these more commonly used light forms but also proves to be both more ecological and economical in its long term use of energy.

Light Tape® uses 85 to 90% less energy to run compared to other lighting technologies and so is cost effective and environmentally friendly, and it does not contain gas or mercury.

The Light Tape® used on the Beetham project was supplied through Light Tape UK Reseller Earlsmann.