Light Tape® takes off on BAE stand at Farnborough 2010

When BAE wanted a spectacular floor lighting effect at this year’s Farnborough International Air Show Rapier Group chose Light Tape® to fit the bill.

Once again Light Tape® has proved to be a hit when used at the recent Farnborough Air Show on the floor and walls of the BAE pavilion. The simple, geometric design created using Light Tape® ran from a central, interactive, touch screen console in all directions throughout the main exhibition pavilion to the various displays of defense equipment, and as part of the lighting effects in the entrance to the registration area. For further information go to:

The overall effect provided not only logical linking of the various exhibits, this could have been done using a white self adhesive tape on the floor, but by using Light Tape® as the directional indicator the resulting effect added a whole new dimension to the overall exhibit.

The floor, which is usually seen as just something you walk on, came alive and became as much a part of the overall design of the room as the accompanying pictured canvases used to tell the story of the varying uses for the exhibited products being promoted by BAE.

2” lit width, Media White Light Tape® was first fitted in place using 3M double sided adhesive tape, which was then covered with 5” wide Light Tape® Floor Shield™, a product specifically designed to protect the lighting product from foot traffic medium term.

The Light Tape® looked totally in keeping with the heady mix of hi tech equipment being displayed and its effectiveness i.e. brightness and visual appeal, stood up to the other forms of lighting effects that were used to spotlight the exhibits, showing yet another use of a product that offers intrinsic practicality combined with aesthetically pleasing results.

The display at the BAE pavilion at Farnborough’s annual air show ran for a week in July with quit literally thousands of people in attendance, passing through and walking over the Light Tape® whilst viewing the very latest in defense vehicles and equipment on display, proving that Light Tape® which is as thin as a business card in combination with Floor Shield™, can stand up to the rigors of an extremely busy exhibition and still look superb as the accompanying pictures show. The BAE stand at Farnborough was designed and built by Rapier Group in Ware, Hertfordshire.