Light Tape® recreates Manchester’s New “M” logo

When Marketing Manchester wanted to create an illuminated version of Peter Saville’s “M” logo design they chose Light Tape®.

Installed at the Manchester visitors centre the “M”, Manchester’s brand signature situated in the centre’s window on the corner of Piccadilly Plaza on Portland Street, to add a touch of colour and interest to the busy Portland Street area in time for Manchester day the 20th of July 2010.

The recently opened information centre is presented as a truly modern, forward looking, fun place that projects the merits of Manchester in very much the same way.

The “M”, Manchester’s brand signature, has been produced using Light Tape® in various colours, meant to convey within its design a vibrant, modern, simplistic statement that the richness and diversity of the City and the individuals within it, exist in parallel and where the strands of colour intersect the city becomes a truly exciting place with the people who live and work there, both “original and modern”, all contributing to make Manchester the city it is today.

The designer of the Manchester “M” is Peter Saville, who for over twenty-five years has produced essential innovations in the field of communications, significantly affecting the interplay between art and design. Amongst other achievements Saville created a series of iconic album covers for the bands Joy Division and New Order and was also at the forefront of developments in conceptual design with exhibits his work showing in museums and art galleries internationally.

Manchester’s “M” brand signature is used for national and international communications, when City partners from across Greater Manchester and the wider city-region are promoting themselves jointly under a 'Manchester' banner and Light Tape® UK are proud to have been able to assist in the physical realization of the symbol of Manchester at the visitors centre.