Pompey Centre Installation Case Study

For a Downloadable PDF Copy of the Pompey Centre Case Study please "Click Here"

Snap-N-Light from Light Tape UK is the easy to install display lighting system for building decoration applications. Snap-N-Light is the perfect solution for fixing Light Tape® in place and providing protection from the elements. It is extremely user friendly and consists of Mounting Clips and Extreme Series Light Tape®, already encased in clear plastic extrusion, wired and ready for installation providing an IP68 rating coupled with an ultra low carbon footprint.

Compared to the installation of the more traditional forms of accent lighting e.g. Florescent, Cold Cathode and Neon, Snap-N-Light provides a quick and simple solution that is aesthetically pleasing even when switched off coupled with an extremely low running cost.

Extreme Green Series Light Tape® has an extended life of 40,000 hours and consumes less than 1 Watt of electricity per meter at 1” wide. Using No Gas, No Glass or Heavy Metals it is the perfect solution for Architectural projects and Health and Safety applications.

Light Tapes Snap-N-Light system was used on the Pompey Centre in Portsmouth. It was installed around the top perimeter of the building, with great effect. Scaffolding was set up at the front of the building so that clips could safely be fitted directly on to the vertical face of the building at front.

However, as scaffolding was not erected all the way around the Pompey Centre, specially extended 90 degree angled brackets were used for ease of instillation and fitted around the sides and back of the building at set intervals. These were screwed on to the top horizontal surface of the edge of the roof so providing fixings on all sides ready for the Snap and Light product to be easily fixed in to place.

With this particular instillation it was found that one side of the building (left of front) recessed back and then out again above the main entrance, creating a gap in the roof and in the building itself at that point. It is a special architectural feature that is spanned by an horizontal beam at its upper, outer perimeter so connecting the two sections of the building that are forward of the recess and directly above the main door. The beam gives added rigidity to the structure and carries on the line of the roof.

However the Snap-N-Light system had to run along this beam as part of the instillation, a possible complication that was resolved once again, by using the same method of fixing already stated using the lengthened, angled brackets that extended out and screwed onto the face of horizontal beam so accommodating the design feature.

The Light Tape® fixing brackets used in this project were made out of Fiberglass with a polycarbonate front. They were placed every 5m on the run interspaced with ElecroluminX mounting clips every 300mm. once the clips were fitted the final part of the Snap-N-Light, Light Tape® system, could be easily clipped in to place around the top of the building and then connected to the mains electrical supply via a SD8000 Smart Driver™ power supply unit also supplied by Light Tape UK and controlled by a light sensitive photo cell.

The amount of Snap-N-Light, Light Tape® product used on the Pompey Centre project to produce the effect seen in the pictures shown above was 106m x 2” (50mm) Light Tape® with a power usage of only 212w (less power than 4 x 60w bulbs). The Light Tape® Snap-N-Light system was said, at the time of installation, to be less than ½ of the cost of the Cold Cathode quoted for the same job. The Pompey Centre was supplied by Architectural Lighting Systems and Proposed by Inspire Consulting UK Limited.

For more information on Light Tape® Snap-N-Light go to: http://www.lighttape.co.uk

For a Downloadable PDF Copy of the Pompey Centre Case Study please "Click Here"