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The thinnest, widest, and longest, light in the world. LightTape® lamps redefine electroluminescent technology. Manufactured utilizing a novel continuous coating process resulting in ultra-low-profile, lightweight panels and strips that seamlessly and evenly illuminate from edge to edge over long distances.

How Does LightTape® Work?

Electroluminescence (EL) is a means of generating light by the electrical excitation of light emitting phosphors, similar to how Plasma televisions are backlit today. In this case, the light emitting phosphors are located between two electrically conductive plates. Applying an alternating (A.C.) current activates the system producing light. At least one of the electrodes consists of a light transmissive conductive material allowing the light to escape.

Why are LightTape® Lamps so Revolutionary?

LightTape® is the most energy efficient and versatile light bulb ever developed! LightTape® Lamps and animated signs are at the leading edge of global quality, reliability and service standards.

Incredible energy savings.

One hundred meters of standard 1" LightTape® lamp consumes less than a 100 watt light bulb! LightTape® is the most energy efficient form of lighting available today. Typical energy consumption is less than 0.25 ma / sq. in.

Uniform surface lighting.

LightTape® backlighting systems uniformly backlight onyx, engineered materials and signage. Fits in almost any space at less than 0.02" thick! No more hot or dark spots and does not generate heat.

Outdoor friendly.

We have engineered LightTape® to work outside as well as inside. A logical replacement for traditional neon or other accent lighting. Quick, easy, do it yourself! Try our Snap-N-Light systems.

Lasts for years, no maintenance.

LightTape® Systems last for years with virtually no maintenance required while providing low energy operation. No more emergency calls to your repairman because part or all of your lights went out last night!

Long runs, only one connection!

Imagine a single 100 meter run of LightTape® powered by a single power supply and connected only at one end. And, the brightness will not vary over the length of the lamp. Accent your venue in a matter of minutes with just one connection!


Electro-LuminX manufactures LightTape® in the US to ensure optimal quality standards. After 12 years of engineering and development, we have a stable and repeatable process to ensure world-class quality. The lamp and processes are patent protected and manufacturing is controlled by ISO9001:2000 processes.

Why is LightTape® Unique?

Combine Electro-LuminX's patented technology and manufacturing processes with the best materials available and you get LightTape® Lamps. We utilize GTP's premium quality light emitting phosphors and Honeywell's Encapsulate Systems to guarantee that we deliver the highest quality lamp possible to our customers

LightTape® lamps are changing the way people think of a light bulb. Imagine a light bulb as thin as a credit card, in any colour, that you can bend around any surface, for hundreds and hundreds of feet, indoors or outdoors, that costs only a fraction of what traditional bulbs cost to operate. In fact, it is the most important innovation in light since the invention of the bulb.

Or imagine your individualised creative sign artwork with animated illumination to command attention at a point of purchase or anywhere you need it.

LightTape® Energy Consumption Comparison

LightTape® is the most inexpensive, energy efficient lighting option available, costing only about $80 a year. Compared to fluorescent and neon lighting, both costing about $1700 annually, LightTape® is a bargain! Even LEDs, the “energy efficient” choice, costs about $500 a year to operate.

LightTape Colour Guide Image

Colour Guide

Our base colours are Classic Natural Blue and Extreme Blue-Green. Both these colours appear white when off and coloured when illuminated. We then add a filter to produce the specific colour options. All other colours with the exception of Classic Media White remain that colour when not illuminated.

LightTape® Overlay Colour Guide

Please see below our latest colour guide for both our Classic and Extreme Series LightTape®. Custom colour and widths are available but may be subject to minimum order quantities, set-up fees and approval testing.

Classic Series
LightTape Classic Series Colour
LightTape Classic Series Colour

Extreme Series
LightTape Extreme Series Colour
LightTape Extreme Series Colour

NOTE: Colours may not appear as an exact match on screen or in print due to varying resolutions. LightTapeUK is not responsible for variance in colour from above to actual order. Samples are available for purchase to confirm colour. Custom colors and widths are available, but may be subject to minimum order quantities, set-up fees, and approval testing.

LightTape Sizes

Size Guide

LightTape® sizes are quoted by illuminated width which is typically 1/8” (3mm) per side less than the finished or laminated width. When ordering please specify: illuminated width, illuminated colour, interior or exterior lamp, length of each lamp, total number of connections and input power required AC or DC.

LightTape® Standard Sizes

LightTape® is produced in the standard sizes as indicated on the chart below, our minimum order quantity is 8m (25ft). Maximum standard roll length for ease of handling is 30m (100ft). Custom sizes are available please contact a member of our team for a detailed costing.

LightTape® Widths

For quotation purposes, LightTape® is always specified by illuminated width. For installations where space may be restricted, make sure to take into account the finished or laminated width.

Illuminated Laminated
0.25" 6.35mm 0.5" 12.7mm
0.5" 12.7mm 0.75" 19.05mm
1" 25.4mm 1.25" 31.75mm
1.5" 38.1mm 1.75" 44.45mm
2" 50.8mm 2.25" 57.15mm
3" 76.2mm 3.25" 88.55mm
4" 101.6mm 4.25" 107.95mm
6" 152.4mm 6.25" 158.75mm
12" 304.8mm 12.25" 311.15mm
18" 457.2mm 18.25" 463.55mm
24" 609.6mm 24.25" 615.95mm
30" 762mm 30.25" 768.35mm

Considerations when Ordering

  • • Installation location - Interior or Exterior
  • • Desired illuminated colour
  • • Illuminated width item number
  • • What length for each LightTape® lamp?
  • • Total number of lamps required
  • • Power Input - AC or DC? What input voltage?
  • • Extension connection tabs for backlighting applications are standard at 2” long, allowing connector to be hidden.
  • • Please advise if longer tab lengths are required.

LightTape Smart Drivers

Smart Drivers™

Our Smart Driver power supplies are engineered to illuminated LightTape. All units are rated by area in Square Inches and can drive single or multiple sections of lamp. Available in a variety of models our AC units offer a both DMX and Dimming functions. A range of DC powered units is also available.

Digital Smart Driver™

Digital Smart Driver™ power supplies are specifically engineered to illuminate LightTape®. Whether it is one piece or ten, it is possible to do it all with one Digital Smart Driver™. There are a variety of models to choose from offering a variety of useful features. A factory representative will advise which model to use based on the total illuminated area, zones, and location.

AC Power Digital Smart Driver™ Power Supplies have an operating range specified by the total area of LightTape® in square inches or centimetres. Our systems are fused to protect the units from power surges and are dual mains voltage either 110 or 220-volt input. For more information please refer to our Design Guide or contact a member of our team.

Model Lamp Area Range V
SD-8000 4000 - 8000 in2 25,806 - 51,612 cm2 110 - 240v
BUS-DSD-4000 2000 - 4000 in2 12,903 - 25,806 cm2 110 - 240v
DMX-DSD-4000 2000 - 4000 in2 12,903 - 25,806 cm2 110 - 240v
DMX-DSD-2000 1000 - 2000 in2 6451.6 - 12903.2 cm2 110 - 240v
DMX-DSD-1000 400 - 1000 in2 2580 - 6451 cm2 110 - 240v
DMX-DSD-200 1 - 200 in2 6.5 - 1290 cm2 110 - 240v
DSD-200 D 1 - 200 in2 6.5 - 1290 cm2 110 - 240v
DSD-2000 1000 - 2000 in2 6451 - 12,903 cm2 110 - 240v
DSD-1000 400 - 1000 in2 2580 - 6451 cm2 110 - 240v
DSD-400 200 - 400 in2 1290 - 2580 cm2 110 - 240v
DSD-200 1 - 200 in2 6.5 - 1290 cm2 110 - 240v

DC Power Supply

Smart Driver™ Power Supplies have an operating range specified by the total area of LightTape® in square inches or centimetres. Our standard units are designed to accept a 12-volt input, however, we can product DC supplies for other voltages. For more information please refer to our Design Guide or contact a member of our team.

Model Lamp Area Range V
DC-2000 1200 - 2000 in2 7741.92 - 12903.2 cm2 12v
DC-1000 800 - 1200 in2 5161.28 - 7741.92 cm2 12v
DC-750 500 - 800 in2 3225.8 - 5161.28 cm2 12v
DC-500 300 - 500 in2 1935.48 - 3225.8 cm2 12v
DC-300 150 - 300 in2 967.74 - 1935.48 cm2 12v
DC-150 75 - 150 in2 483.87 - 967.74 cm2 12v
DC-100 50 - 100 in2 322.58 - 645.16 cm2 12v
DC-50 25 - 50 in2 161.29 - 322.58 cm2 12v
DC-20 10 - 25 in2 64.52 - 161.29 cm2 12v
DC-9V 10 - 30 in2 64.52 - 193.55 cm2 9v

Our Smart Driver™ Power Supplies come in a variety of models to support your project individual power requirement. Which power supply you need will depend on the amount of LightTape® you wish to illuminate.

LightTape Connections


LightTape® strips and panels are available with 3 basic connection types, Heavy Duty Connectors, Low Profile Connectors and Custom Connection. Our Heavy Duty Connector can be specified for ether indoor and outdoor applications. We also have a tabbed connection system available for panels.

Connector Specifications

The entire back side of LightTape® is conductive. Unlike other antiquated technologies, you can make a connection anywhere and LightTape® will illuminate evenly. No need to worry about the electrode detaching from the LightTape®. We offer a variety of connector and connecting pin options.

Low Profile Connector Cap

Indoor connector for narrower tape up to 1" (25.4mm) illuminated widths, our Low Profile connector provides a secure connection with built-in strain relief and a 3ft (914mm) long cable.

Large Heavy Duty Connector Cap

Standard connector for larger indoor or outdoor tape and panel sizes, our Heavy Duty connector provides a secure connection with built-in strain relief and a 6ft (1828mm) long cable.

Animated Signage

Animated Pannels

Animated Panels provide an eye-catching, moving electronic display that utilises high quality, full-colour digital images yet are as thin as a credit card. Available in custom sizes they are flexible and virtually unbreakable, vibration and shock resistant, easy to install and very portable.

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