Light Tape® Backlit Text, Symbolic & Chase Display at Masterpiece 2014

A model shows off Cartier diamond corsage that was sold for over $20 million by Symbolic and Chase at Masterpiece 2014 (more here)

Light Tape® was used to provide a subdued backlighting effect behind the text for the Symbolic and Chase Exhibition Area at Masterpiece 2014

Masterpiece 2014 London, having just completed its fifth year, returned as the main event at the heart of London’s summer art season – taking place once again at the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

Unique Exhibitions provided the 2” Extreme Orange Light Tape® Plinth Illumination on Trend Controls Stand.

Spiderman 2 Billboard Illuminated by Light Tape®

What is Light Tape®?

Light Tape® uses less than one twentieth of the power and is half the price of Neon and Cold Cathode display lighting, it is flexible, easier to install and maintain, reduces light pollution, produces no waste heat or infrared light and is fully recyclable, uses No Gas, No Glass and No Mercury.

Light Tape® is the longest and brightest electroluminescent lamp in the world. It can be supplied in a range of colours and widths, in lengths up to 100m. Driven by specially devised power supplies, it can be used in flashing or steady state modes in indoor or outdoor applications. The design is safe with no mercury, no glass to break or gas to escape and it’s highly energy efficient too. In application, it is easy to install, requiring virtually no maintenance compared to alternative lighting technologies.

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